Running for the Orphans

2 weeks until my 2nd half-marathon, 2 more weeks to raise funds for Nigerian orphans,

Have a long ways to go, but trust that it’ll be worth running with sore shins.

Had a 10 mile run this morning in a rainstorm, lots of time to reflect,

Each puddle stepped in represented the struggle orphans face from disease and neglect.

As the run became harder, my mind became completely at peace and free,

Very blessed while so many others beg for money, food and water on their knees.

This is why I run, as Acts 20:35 states,

This was laid on my heart from the start, call it fate.

Everyone is called to help others in many unique ways,

Helping the elderly, feeding the hungry, health and fitness, usually with no pay.

But that’s okay, almost half the world lives on less than $2 a day,

To run is to play compared to a child who has no say

In the cards they’re dealt, fighting to survive with no mom or dad,

Yet most are still glad with what they have, which makes it sad

For how much we take for granted, our selfishness and greed,

I’m humbled and ready to take a backseat and help those out p_0005in need.

Find out more  at


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